Red Rice Vermicelli “Gondang”

Gondang Red Rice Vermicelli. Our best seller product is made of Indonesia Tropical Red rice. It is gluten-free, high in fiber, rich in iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B 12.

No colourant and No preservative.

Low Glycemic Index <55 which help us to control blood sugar level.
This will help our body to release energy in a constant manner. Suitable for people with autistic problem or people with Celiac disease. It is also high in fiber therefore our product is suitable for body weight management.

Sweet Potato Puff “Volare”

Is our raw pellets snack line which are made from fresh Indonesian sweet potatoes, real fruit puree and tapioca flour. We have many flavours such as Dragonfruit, Mango,Grape,Strawberry,Soursop etc. These fruits are locally sourced to bring out the best of Indonesian produce.

Puffle Puff “Bloomshire”

Our latest product, is a ready to eat fruit crackers with three flavours which distributed mainly in Malaysia and exported to other countries. We open a dedicated store, The Bloomshire, to sell this product in Penang, Malaysia. Visit our store every weekday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. On September 29 2017, we obtain Halal certification from Malaysia JAKIM (One of the strictiest government institution for Halal certification). We also have distributed Bloom to factory, school, hospital and many other places.

Raw Pellets of “Kudang” Crackers

Our product, Kudang Shrimp crackers launched in 2014. We already shipped Kudang raw pellets to many places in Indonesia, and we plan to release the brand for international market in few years ahead. They are made of Indonesian shrimp and tapioca flour, also famously known as Kerupuk.

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