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PT. Goldi Asiana Pangan

PT GOLDI ASIANA PANGAN come from an idea that healthy food should be easy to get and delicious. Our founders have wonder about this problem and decided to establish PT. Goldi Asiana Pangan in 2014, a company that strive to supply healthy food in packages which is easy to prepare and delicious. We start our initial production with Gondang, the first red rice vermicelli in the world.

Our headquarter, as well as our production centre, located in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. Established on 20,306 square meters, which consist of our production area, warehouse and main office. We are legally registered by Indonesian government (id- and have run lots of events with the government to campaign Indonesia healthy foods in many countries.

Goldi Asiana Pangan work together with many national and international companies as main supplier for their products. With the help of our partners, our products have reached Japan, UK, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Millions of people have tasted our products and get the benefits.

Suzan S. Halim

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“We consume Gondang product everyday, as one of our family member has problem with diabetic and really pickyeater. Luckily with the red rice noodles the condition improves and she has no trouble eating anymore.”

Ailia & David

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“Our kids love the crackers, both Volare and Kudang. Usually we buy 2 or 3 boxes monthly and give them to our kids as reward for doing house chores.”

李 秀英

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“We have partnership with Goldi Asiana Pangan for 2 years now. We got excellent product and fast response everytime we contact them. I really recommend Goldi Asiana Pangan as your healthy food partner”


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+62 8133 222 6910


Dsn. Ranggeh Timur Ranggeh, Gondangwetan
Pasuruan 67174



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