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Fruit Crackers “VOLARE”

Are fruit crackers made with sweet potatoes and delicious fruit puree. They have become our second line of product and distributed world wide. Currently Volare have 10 unique flavours, with some flavour inspired directly from Indonesia local fruit like Guava, Soursop and Durian.

All Volare line of products are Halal and suitable for vegetarian. Unlike other crackers, Volare crackers need not to be sundried. Just fry them within 3 seconds into oil frier, then Volare crackers will expand and ready to be consumed. The ready to eat fruit crackers can be stored in dry container and last for about 2 weeks.

Evie Chloe

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“The VOLARE crackers are crunchy and there are many flavors which we can enjoy as a whole family.”

Amelia Puspita

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“As housewife, i often feel tired of doing house chores. The frying process of VOLARE is easy and practical to serve for my husband.”

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