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Raw Pellets of “Kudang” Crackers

Our product, Kudang Shrimp crackers launched in 2014. We already shipped Kudang raw pellets to many places in indonesia, and we plan to release the brand for international market in few years ahead.

Kudang is premium quality Shrimp raw pellets, which are aromatic even without artificial prawn flavourings to enhance the aroma and taste. The Kudang raw pellets may be stored in airtight container for about 12 months in room temperature inside low humidity room.

Shrimp crackers is Indonesian local snacks for so many years. They are exported worldwide and their demand keeps on increasing. Kudang  come in many sizes and made by using premium ingredients. We are also producing custom crackers for our customers all over the world.

We are looking forward to work together with you all.

Richard Ricardo

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“As distributor of Kudang,i feel easy to sell them cause there are lots of demands everyday.”

Victoria Oliv

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“The shrimp taste in these shrimp cracker really satisfying. Our kids now prefer to play at home accompanied by their favorite snacks everyday.”

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