Red Rice Vermicelli “GONDANG”

Our bestseller products and first in the world, red rice vermicelli is hygienically packed and easy to cook with minimal preparation. It’s extracted 100% from organic red rice, without using any preservative and colorant. We also provide white rice vermicelli that extracted from 100% natural and Indonesian tropical island white rice.

These products have been distributed more than 5 countries all around the world and consumed by kids, adult and elderly people. With its low glycemic index of 50 – 55, Gondang red rice vermicelli is really suitable for people with diabetic problem and people with low sugar diet.

Furthermore, this product is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarian and Halal certified by Indonesian MUI and Malaysian JAKIM.


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“GONDANG red rice vermicelli has a distinct Indonesian flavor. We can hardly find healthy food with rich flavor like this noodles.”

Fahmi Erlina

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“Gondang red rice vermicelli has an earthy flavor. I can either fry it or cook it as pasta. Healthy and efficient way of eating in our modern and instant lifestyle.”

Benefits of  “Gondang” ?

*Reduce the risk of colon cancer
*Prevent heart diseases
*Reduce bad cholesterol
*Weight maintenance
*Reducing risk of obesity
*Increase fiber consumption
*Controlling blood sugar
*Good source of iron, manganese, and vitamin B6 & B12
*Improving bone density
*Rich in antioxidant to prevent growth of free radical cells

Gondang red rice vermicelli has unique flavour and rich in minerals, iron, manganese, and other vitamins. Can be prepared within 1 minute. Fast and healthy meal for your modern and fast moving life.

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